Catch 365

Objective: Design an icon of an object and illustrate what the object is used for in a sequence of three panels.
The original icon of a crab cracker tool is represented in sequence with a crab leg. The icon was further utilized in the logo of a conceptual restaurant, Catch 365, an upscale seafood restaurant that only serves seafood that has been freshly caught.
Catch 365 logo


Objective: Design a beverage that represents your identity.
The radler, a mix of lager and lemon soda, is a refreshing summer drink. The drink was conceived by the owner of a bar in the Bavarian countryside, when he discovered that he did not have enough beer to serve his customers, who were passing cyclists. He mixed the beer with lemon soda to accomodate his customers, and the drink has been known ever since as the "radler," which means cyclist in German. The design of the bottle label and the six pack reflect the story behind the drink.
detail of front side of six pack

Justice in the Fashion Industry? Global Action Through Fashion's Fundraising Event

Objective: Design an invitation for a non-profit fundraising event with an RSVP card that can be easily mailed back to the organization. Design a corresponding magazine ad for the event.
Global Action Through Fashion raises awareness within the fashion industry on issues concerning equity and sustainability. Justice in the Fashion Industry is the name of their annual fundraiser. The silhouette of a model in a fashion pose is patterned with the non-profit's objectives. The model's eyes are obscured by the yellow strip with the word "justice," a reference to the traditional representation of justice being blind.
magazine ad

Ghost Opera

Objective: Design a poster advertising an upcoming event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.
Tan Dun's composition, Ghost Opera, was written to blend the sounds of Western stringed and percussive instruments with traditional Chinese instruments. Snippets of Bach are juxtaposed with traditional chinese folk music. The pipa player, Wu Man, and the string quartet, Kronos Quartet, perform the compsotion. Their names appear above images of shadow puppets-- one a Western silhouette of Bach and the other a traditional Chinese shadow puppet.
poster, 10" x 15"

Creatures of Comfort

Objective: Redesign the visual design of an existing online retail website.
The online retailer, Creatures of Comfort, was chosen for its monochromatic look and lack of visual heirarchy. A new wireframe was developed, followed by improvements in information architecture and visual design to give the website with a more approachable and attractive look. Full photographic backgrounds were utilized to add color and dimension.
Redesigned product detail page, emphasizes available user actions

Closet Cache

Objective: Design and develop a web application that allows users to save and retrieve information to and from a database.
Closet Cache allows users to save images of their clothing items to a MySQL database. Each item is tagged with a keyword, i.e. "Dresses." The user can then browse through their clothing items and visualize outfits to wear, based on selected categories in a customizable order. The application is built on the Drupal platform and utilizes the jQuery library for complex and dynamic interactions. A clean and uncluttered visual design complements the purpose of the application.

Closet Cache About Page
home page

The Believers Project

Objective: Design and develop an online photography gallery, focusing on two collections of images.
The photographer, Emine Gozde Sevim, focuses on issues and people in the Middle East. A dark background was chosen to illuminate the photographs, and a modern typeface was used to appeal to the target audience. As Sevim's photographs illustrate a narrative, emphasis was placed upon each collection's description.
home page

AAU Student Self Service Portal

Objective: Design a portal that will enable students at the Academy of Art University to register for classes.
A collaborative project exploring the practices of affinity diagrams, personas, paper prototypes and user testing. My major contributions to this project included drawing the storyboards and designing the paper prototypes.

More about this project in my IxD portfolio.
initial affinity diagram exercise

Farm To Table

Objective: Design an eco-friendly case for an instructional DVD/CD and a foldout poster to be included with the DVD.
Farm To Table: A Farmer's Market Cookbook is conceived as a DVD with instructional videos on how to cook delicious meals with ingredients from the local farmer's market. Targeted to young, urban, foodies, the fruit and vegetable graphics and typeface enhance the DIY look and feel.

Botanical Design Source

Objective: Design a logo and a brochure for a conceptual company.
A logo and brochure was designed for a conceptual urban landscaping company. The company colors are used as alternating background colors within the brochure to strengthen the company's image as a design company. As the company specializes in sustainable gardening practices, each image is captioned with a blurb of information about the pratices used.


Objective: Collaborative Project - Design a packaging solution for a line of products distributed exclusively by a national retailer that includes three distinct flavors.
The upscale department store, Barneys New York, was chosen as the retailer. The name M3 was conceived for a line of confections that start with the letter "m." The three flavors include meringues, marzipans and macarons. Proceeds of the sales of the confections would benefit the National Math and Science Initiative. Thus, the packaging solution was designed to reflect both the name and charitable purpose of the line, as well as the essence of the Barneys New York brand.

The Fashion Slaves

Objective: Design a logo for a local punk band that can be adapted for use on the band's website and digital album cover.
The Fashion Slaves are a local band on the Fun Fun Fun Recordings label based in Berkeley, CA. Their music is youthful and brash strongly evokes the 70s punk scene. The frontwoman is a young, energetic blonde with a provocative voice. I wanted to draw out the punk aesthetic and bring out the energy of the band, while keeping the logo fresh and modern. The letterforms were created manually with vector tools in Illustrator to resemble a sketch I drew with a brush pen.
initial sketch with brush pen and final letterforms for logo

Didot Typography Poster and House of Didot 2012 Calendar

Objectives: Create a poster for a specific typeface and create a leave-behind promotional piece that demonstrates a unique design personality.
The Didot typeface is one of my favorite typefaces. I used the letterforms to build architectural facades and details. A calendar set was then created using the four strongest images. The back of each page can be cut down and sent as a postcard and the remaining strip displays the original image and my contact and portfolio information.
Didot typography poster

Following the Money of Migration

Objective: Create a set of six storyboards for a journalistic interactive infographic.
Last semester, I read about Arjun Appadurai's global flows. I was particularly interested in the flow of people via international migration, so I chose to illustrate the topic in a journalistic interactive infographic. However, I wanted to convey more than just news-worthy trends in data. I imagined a target audience of people unfamiliar with the economic effects of migration. The infographic would fill the gaps as an interactive piece detailing its economic and demographic aspects. Inspired by the ideas presented in Robert Guest's book Borderless Economics and Michael Clemens' views of migration on developing economies, I designed a diagram showing the flow of money between host countries, migrants, source countries and the world economy. Using the data from the World Bank and its Migration and Remittances Fact Book, I included other figures in an attempt to show the bigger picture and a more human side of the story.
1/6 Macro View


Objective: Create an animation that emphasizes two contrasts using typography.
The animation was created through Adobe After Effects and utilized the Nobel typeface. The visual experience of an optometry exam was used to emphasize the contrast between the words "clear" and "vague."
I am a graduate student at the Academy of Art, seeking challenges and opportunities to develop and refine my design skills. I am interested in merging stimulating visual design with carefully-crafted, elegant and entertaining interaction design.

My work reflects the following qualities:
  • clarity - design that is clean and straight-forward
  • structure - design that is meticulously crafted
  • narrative - design that tells a story
  • impact - design that leaves an impression
  • wit - design that is clever and sophisticated

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